Help Keep Mosab Yousef in the United States

Today – June 30th

Mosab is in the

DHS Immigration Court

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Introduction – Who is Mosab Yousef and Why are We trying to Keep Him in the U.S.

Mosab Yousef’s Political Asylum: Mosab’s Day in Court

H-Hour for Mosab Yousef Including WaPo OpEd by Mosab and Gonen ben Itzhak

Jonathan Hunt Responsible for Israeli Handler Coming to U.S.? – Video

D-Day for Mosab Yousef is Tomorrow

Doug Lamborn Collects Signatures in Congress for Mosab Yousef

Mosab Yousef’s Israeli Shin-Bet Handler in US for Court

Mosab Yousef’s Pastor Calls for Support

Toronto Jewish Defense League Rally for Mosab on June 29th

What Homeland Security Knows About Mosab Yousef

The Mosab Yousef Widget – grab it for you website!

Christianity Today Interview with Mosab Yousef

Mosab Yousef’s San Diego Church and His Baptism – Part 6 Video

The Institute on Religion and Democracy Asks ‘Why?’

The Courage of Mosab Yousef

Mosab Yousef’s Conversion from Islam to Christianity Part 5 Video

Rabbi Eckstein on Mosab Yousef

Yousef’s Fight is Our Fight

Mosab on Hamas Cruelty and Torture Part 4 Video

Q: Is Mosab Yousef Anti-Israel? A: No

The Editors of the WSJ: ‘This is Bizarre’

Steven Givler on Mosab Yousef

Friends of Save Mosab Yousef: Part 1

Sean Hannity Interviews Mosab Yousef (Video)

Mosab on Hamas, His Father and Seeing Hamas in a Different Light Part 3 Video

Open Letter to San Diego U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter

Fox News Special ‘Escape from Hamas’ (videos)

Mosab Yousef Speaks of Growing up in Ramallah Part 2 Video

Homeland In-Security by Mosab Yousef

Wall Street Journal interview with Mosab: Muslims Need to be Liberated from their God

Mosab Yousef on Islam Part 1 Video

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16 Responses to Help Keep Mosab Yousef in the United States

  1. Debbie says:

    For the love of all that is good and noble, do not send this man back to the West Bank to be slaughtered.

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  3. At one time, we could almost stop a war with our influence. Now, we read of our friends wondering where they can be safe. Politics have never been based on love of neighbor, but rather trust of would be compatriots. If we can not regain this trust, and do so peacefully, then we are in for a rough season.
    As we talk and write of the war-likeness of certain peoples, I notice the Israeli/West Bank cooperation being built up. Some of this is with American help. If we could show the world that we can work together, what then?
    King Abdullah of Jordan, in 1946/7, suggested the whole area being under his rule, with autonomy for the Jewish section. The Jewish leaders in Palestine said; “OK”, King Abdullah was told; “You sign, you die!”

    John Kennedy was forming a coalition of civilized minded governments. He was murdered. Dr. King over came centuries of stupidity, he was murdered. And the list goes on, Israeli, European and Latin heroes bones smouldering in the dust.

    Reader, we can have the world they dreamed of and died for. But, only if enough of us work together for it. It shall take more than these words, but-do you really like yourself enough to risk all for His way? If so-let your words be heard and your actions speak up.

  4. Hey Bob – America Spectator has joined the call!
    Stacy McCain, methinks, put in the word with Quin Hillyer at AmSpecBlog. Hearty thanks to Quin and the gents at American Spectator!

    I’ve got a special coming up at Libertarian Republican – Eric has agreed.

  5. Steve says:


    I love your blog!!

    Common Cents

    ps. Link Exchange??

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  10. bianca alexanders says:

    I live in san diego and would like to show my support by attending the court hearing. Where is the court hearing? What time is the court hearing?

  11. Priscilla Stabler says:

    As a new Chrisian, I received Jesus as my savior in July 2007 I am apalled that our county could even dream of deporting this born again christian. I have read his book and know he is now a follower of the Lord, and everyone who becomes one is a new creature, and he has no hate in him. I wish I could be at the hearing, but I live in Chicago, I go to Ravenswood Babtist Church and we are all praying that the court decision would turn out acording to God’s will.

    In Christ,

    Priscilla Stabler and praying pastors and friends

  12. Bob, Crew,
    From my blog, Steve Givler posts the following:
    All, I just read (on the blogprof – of the Obama administration’s possible secret talks with HAMAS. Is Mosab Yousef a bargaining chip in their negotiation? Will Washington send Mosab to his death to curry favor with the terrorists?

  13. Phillip Coblentz says:

    I pray that the favor and protection of God is upon him.My God be glorified inspite of a nation who supposedly fight for what is true,brave and noble but in reality has fallen so far from Him.

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