Friends of Save Mosab Yousef: Part 1

One of the great parts of being part of the Right-side of the Blogosphere is that you’re find yourself interacting with people who have a deep love of America and are willing to fight for those causes that are right and just.  Since we launched this blog two and a half days ago and I began to spread the word to my friends out in what I like to call The Ether, the response has been wonderful.  I would like to take a moment to mention the first folks who answered my call for help in spreading the word.

-Ran, over at Si Vis Pacem, has published two postings in two days about Mosab Yousef [Please Support Mosab Hassan Yousef and The DHS Immigration Trial of Mosab Hassan Yousef: Blunder or Strategy?] and given them top priority at his site.  He’s also reaching out to his Friends In The Ether and in the media.  From his second posting:

This action is no mere illustration of DHS incompetence or Big Sis’ ignorance of the consequences. Rather it is strategic. It is dangerous.

What strategy? To suggest to the Arab and Islamic world that we “are being fair and balanced” by presuming Yousef’s safety in West Bank?

It is plainly obvious DHS hostility sends a message to our agents, potential converts and walk-ins everywhere that to serve the interests of Western security is a fool’s game. They know this. The real question is why they are ignoring it.

-Ran’s friend Steven Givler responded right away to Ran’s call for help and penned a wonderful posting about the situation.  I have asked him if we could reproduce it in full, he kindly has given his permission, and I will publish it seperately in my very next posting.  Mr. Givler’s impressive profile is here.

-The Mind Numbed Robot included us in his latest Robo-Love link round-up.  When I asked his permission to list him as one of our Friends, he responded:

You absolutely have my permission. Please do. We should promote Christianity and stand with our brothers and sisters in Christ. God Bless Mosab Yousef.

-Little Miss Attila answered our call for help without hesitation:

We cannot accept “rendition” for someone who has converted from Islam to Christianity—particularly when they are accused of spying for Israel.

-Chris Wysocki, the man behind WyBlog, included this site in his Renegade Thursday Linkaround.  Being from New Jersey, he did not pull his punches:

Janet Incompetano should be ashamed of herself.

Thank you very much Ran, Steven, MNR, Joy, and Chris.

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5 Responses to Friends of Save Mosab Yousef: Part 1

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  2. Jan West says:

    To think that DHS would consider deporting Mosab is beyond comprehension. It defines logic. If DHS deports him, Janet Nepalitano will have blood on her hands. I wonder how differently this would play out if Mosab had not converted to Christianity and had simply gotten out of the West Bank and asked for asylum. I think that is the ‘rub’ for DHS and our government.
    Mosab did not ask to be born the son of a Hamas leader. But he has chosen to leave Hamas and all the violence and killing that Hamas endorses. Isn’t that enought?

  3. rae4palin says:

    I plan on attending Joseph’s hearing on June 30th.

  4. @Jan West, in the first post I did about Mosab at my blog, I mentioned the same thing. Not only did he have the audacity to convert, he also supports Israel’s right to exist. Then Mosab brings up the point that he walked into the U.S. with a visa – the Son of a Founder of Hamas. He believes DHS is embarrassed.

    Thanks so much for joining the conversation here.


  5. rae4palin, so glad to hear that you can be there. In his Homeland In-Security post he asks supporters to come to the court house. I hope he has a huge showing.


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