Steven Givler On Mosab Yousef

Reproduced by the kind permission of the author…

by Steven Givler

Imagine that your father is a leader in an organization the purpose of which was to fight for justice for the oppressed. Imagine that you took up that mantle yourself, and entered enthusiastically into the family business, only to realize that, instead of helping the downtrodden, you were increasing their oppression, enriching yourself, and using intimidation, murder, and terrorism to do so.

Imagine that your family business justified everything it did as being in accordance with your religion, a religion that, if you were to leave it, would demand your death.

Now imagine that you are a man of extraordinary courage. You reject the family business. You turn your back on the religion that demands blood sacrifice. You use your position in the family to report critical information on upcoming terror attacks to the authorities. You do this for years, despite the incredible stress, despite the daily fear that you will be discovered and die a slow and painful death. You save lives. You are a hero.

You are Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of HAMAS, convert from a life of terror to covert informer to the Israeli government. Convert from Islam to Christianity. In your pursuit of what is right, you have earned the death penalty from HAMAS, and the House of Islam.

Mosab Hassan Yousef has risked everything to stop terrorism and save innocent lives, but the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is not convinced he should be allowed to stay in the United States. They are considering deporting him, a move that will almost certainly result in his death.

When illegal aliens throughout the US are committing violent crimes, wouldn’t it seem that DHS would have better things to do than persecute a man who has demonstrated his loyalty to American principles?

Mr. Givler runs the blog Steven Givler Online.  His Blogger Profile reads: An American painter living in Portugal. I started painting on my first deployment when my wife hid a set of watercolors in my gear.

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2 Responses to Steven Givler On Mosab Yousef

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  2. The point about illegal alien crime in the U.S. is pertinent. They commit terrible crimes, and unbelievably, we return them to our streets, without prison time or with it. Somehow, deportation seems to be the last thing on DHS’ mind, except for Yousef.


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