Mosab Yousef’s Pastor Calls for Support

Pastor Matt Smith of the Barabbas Road Church in LaJolla, California – the church that Mosab attends – is asking for support for Mosab:

Wednesday, June 30th, 8 a.m.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Immigration and Customs Enforcement,

880 Front Street, Suite 224, San Diego, California 92101

The following is the powerful letter Pastor Smith wrote to the court:

Your desire to deport Mosab Hassan Yousef is a desire for his death.  It is also a supreme waste of a great national security resource.  It seems you desire to take his book seriously when it speaks of him “aiding terrorists,” as you seem to take out of context, but you totally reject the very same book that claims Mosab as one of the most valuable fighters of terrorism in the Middle East.  This is inconsistent at best.  Your decision in this is a life and death decision.

There is a God.  You would not have the ability to make this decision if God did not give it to you.  Make the right one, you will be held accountable for it one day.  Your pursuit of this is the pursuit of a death sentence for a patriot.  If there is any thing I can do to vouch for this fine man tell me and I will do so as will my family and scores of other families across this country.  He has sacrificed everything for freedom and for the sake of others.  He has lost everything and is a hero, hence the book.  Please reconsider your position and abandon your fruitless pursuit of the death of a hero.  I will pray for you.

And from from the many blogging friends of Mosab Yousef, I’ll say Amen.

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3 Responses to Mosab Yousef’s Pastor Calls for Support

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  2. Rebekah Lansford says:

    I am simply a single mother of a four year old boy, but I want to support Mosab in any way possible. I believe 100% that he is a crucial part of our fight against terrorism (not Muslims, mind you). I have read his book several times, and have been praying for his granting asylum since his books first hit the shelves. I read the news today, and may I say, PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should post your requests for Mosab’s needed support on any of the facebook fan pages for our hero. You may be astounded at the results you have for followers of Christ across the country and across the world! Please message me and let me know how I can support our hero!!!!!

  3. Candy Son says:

    My full support goes to Mosab. I read his book and was absolutely amazed at the courage of this young man. He has given up everything in his life to do the right thing. How can he possibly be punished for it????? His punishment will be death and that is so so so wrong!!! This situation will certainly discourage others from doing what is right. He should be hailed as a hero and role model. He has gone above and beyond to prove his character. He is my brother in Christ and I will pray for the right decision. I can not imagine standing before God and have to admit to making the wrong decision in this matter.

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