Haaretz: American Authorities Retract Request

From Haaretz, Natasha Mozgovaya reporting:

…on Wednesday Homeland Security officials indicated they were prepared to grant Yousef asylum, thus retracting their original intention, after claiming to have received new information which shed new light on the case.

The pro-Israel think-tank EMET, who had aided Yusef in his attempts to be granted asylum, said in a statement following Wednesday’s ruling that they were “enormously grateful to all those who played a part in standing with Mosab during this time, and helping the Department of Homeland Security come to understand what a grave error deporting Mosab would have been.”

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3 Responses to Haaretz: American Authorities Retract Request

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  2. I hope the jerks at DHS pay his attorney’s fees.

  3. susanna says:

    I thank God for answered prayers, and that my Christian brother will be allowed to stay in the US.

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