Statement from EMET [Endowment for Middle East Truth]

This was posted on their blog this afternoon:

Breaking News: Government Dismisses Deportation Case Against Mosab Hassan Yousef

By KyleS

EMET has just received word directly from Mosab that the Government has officially dismissed its deportation case against Mosab Hassan Yousef at a federal detention center in San Diego.

Mosab has told us that it was thanks to the efforts of EMET that the government decided to dismiss its case and grant him political asylum.

EMET is enormously grateful to all those who played a part in standing with Mosab during this time, and helping the Department of Homeland Security come to understand what a grave error deporting Mosab would have been.

A special thank you is due to Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO), who authored a letter to DHS secretary Janet Napolitano, co-sponsored with 21 other Representatives. We wish to thank each and every representative who added their names to this call for sanity and to do right by a man who has stood up to terrorism and hatred, at a great personal cost.

Thanks also to former Ambassador R. James Woolsey, who also wrote a letter on Mosab’s behalf, and to all those who called, wrote, or emailed their congressional representatives and the White House on behalf of seeing justice done.

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4 Responses to Statement from EMET [Endowment for Middle East Truth]

  1. DHS should pay his attorney fees – this was bogus from the start.

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  3. Pauline says:

    Praise God for answered prayer!

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