We are not associated in any way with, and receive no funds from, any non-profit or profit organization, or individuals. We do not know Mr. Yousef. We have had no contact with him, but are undertaking this endeavour on our own. We are lobbying for his life. We hope to keep Mosab in the U.S. and out of the Middle East, where he will face certain death.


“I am very conservative. I live in Oklahoma, the reddest state in the U.S. I am happily married to a very conservative superhero. I support Israel and am extremely concerned about the threat of Islam in the U.S. and other free countries around the world. Mosab Yousef’s story was inspiring to me at first, but now it is frightening. Is this what happens to Christians fleeing the worst kind of oppression when they arrive in America? I hope not, and I hope we can save Mosab Yousef. I am a blogger and the owner/editor of Maggie’s Notebook.”


“I’m just your average hard-working mother in America. My husband and I are both conservative and we have two young sons. I work tirelessly trying to spread the word about what’s happening in our republic. There is so much to be concerned with – the economy, the loss of our freedom, the future of our children and the threat of terrorism. Mr. Yousef put his life on the line for the cause of freedom. He rejected terrorism and converted to Christianity. He is not one of the problems facing our republic, but he just may be part of the solution. Deporting him would be a death sentence. I’m a blogger and I blog at The Lonely Conservative.”


‘We live in a world turned upside down.  Mosab Hassan Yousef is a hero who deserves praise from anyone who dares consider and call himself civilized. He risked his life to fight barbarity and brutality. He mustered the necessary courage and bravery to stand athwart his family and his people and shout ‘No more!’. He left his family and friends and everything he had and came to a strange country to serve God and live free. This brave man WILL BE PUT TO DEATH if he is deported. He will be tortured. When one day he dies, he will surely be welcomed at the Gates Of Heaven, but for now he will not be welcomed in The United States Of America.  I own and run the site The Camp Of The Saints.’


3 Responses to About

  1. Cheri Ford says:

    I’d like to know the address of Mosab’s hearing. I can’t figure it out. I know it’s in San Diego at 8AM June 30 at a Homeland Security Immigration Court. But I can’t figure out where that is. Please let us know so that many people can show up that day. Thanks!

  2. Dbala says:

    Today the first time I heard of Mosab and again of his granted asylum. Praise the Lord!. I used to intercede a lot for the Arab Muslim and your story has encouraged me to do more.

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